Lavender rose Valentine’s Day bath bombs

Bath bombs are little bundles of fizzy fun.  Often referred to as bath fizzies, bath bombs are an excellent alternative to the traditional bubble bath and when made with quality organic ingredients, they are sure to offer much more then just a relaxing soak in the tub!  They are a perfect Valentine’s day treat. Continue reading Lavender rose Valentine’s Day bath bombs

Rose Whipped Body Butter

Perhaps it is the silky smooth texture of the petals or the naturally pleasing scent of the flower that makes the rose an iconic symbol of beauty.  Or maybe it is the Rose’s anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties that give it so many health and beauty benefits.  Continue reading Rose Whipped Body Butter

Lavender Aromatic Spray

Living a small home with 2 dogs and a cat, in a warm humid environment I often feel the need to use deodorizing sprays to eliminate household odors.  The majority of odor eliminating sprays are are filled with harmful chemicals, both for the environment, pets and humans!  Thankfully natural and environmentally friendly aromatic sprays are simple and easy to make! Continue reading Lavender Aromatic Spray

Mint Chocolate Chip Soap

The best part of making your own soap is the scent and peppermint is one of my all time favorites.  It’s antibiotic and antiseptic properties makes your skin feel refreshed and your muscles feel relaxed, thus offering headache and stress relief as well as clearing the respiratory tract.  Chocolate is peppermint’s perfect partner, raw organic cocoa powder helps to reduce puffiness, aids in collagen production and naturally smooths and tones your skin. Continue reading Mint Chocolate Chip Soap

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost here!

It’s may, spring is in the air, plants are blooming and Mother’s day is right around the corner…oh wait Mother’s day is almost here!  It seems like this happens to me way to often; I have all these fabulous ideas for Mom and before I’ve had the chance to begin any of them, it’s too late, Mother’s day has arrived. Continue reading Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

All About Vanilla

Vanilla is one of those scents that is so good you can “taste” it. Not only does it provide excellent flavor to cakes, cookies and loads of other deserts, it’s strong, distinct, yet pleasant scent is added to all sorts of things from candles to perfumes. It is even rumored to be part of the proprietary blend that makes the scent of baby powder. Continue reading All About Vanilla