Citrus Burst Shampoo Bar

Citrus trees everywhere have had their blossoms replaced by green, round, fruit that will soon turn into plump and juicy oranges, lemons and limes!  Not only does citrus have a refreshing and clean scent, it is also wonderful for your skin and hair.  I’ve been making soap successfully for a while now, in fact we haven’t purchased hand soap or shampoo this whole year, so why not try citrus shampoo bar!  Continue reading Citrus Burst Shampoo Bar

Strawberry Vanilla Lip Balm

What could be better then Strawberries combined with Vanilla?  Lip balms are one of my favorite things to make, the ingredients are relatively simple and easy to come by and it takes only minutes to make!  I have made plenty of mint and lemon balm, even some with honey and ginger, but I hadn’t ever tried to get the flavor and scent of a fruit such as strawberry. Continue reading Strawberry Vanilla Lip Balm

Chocolate or Caramel?

A while back a I found a recipe for making tinted lip gloss, in the past I have had a lot of luck with lip balm recipes, so as I normally do, I decided to put a different spin on the recipe and make it my own.  The thing that attracted me to this recipe was the lovely red color, which the recipe called for Alkanet Root to produce.  Having no Alkanet Root in my pantry at the time I decided to substitute Hibiscus and just to be sure I would produce the red tint I also choose to use red palm oil in lieu of coconut oil. Continue reading Chocolate or Caramel?