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Citronella Lime Sunscreen

Summer is here and so is the sun and the bugs!  I have made bug repellent before, that works quite well…I’ve also made sunscreen before, that is very effective.  So….I thought why not combine them!  Best of all, I actually love the smell of Citronella!  It’s often used as a flavoring agent for lime candies, like jelly beans.  This coupled with the fact it is the most common active ingredient in most equine fly sprays (and since I love anything that reminds me of horses) the light scent of citronella simply makes me feel happy!

Summer is here and so is the sun and the bugs!


2.3oz Lime Infused Oil


Working with Zinc Oxide is messy!  Always use a jar your willing to discard later for making sunscreen.  I use a cleaned tin can.

tin_double_boilerA double boiler or glass jar/cleaned used food can and a pot with about 2″ of water
Stir Stick
Whisk – If you have an immersion blender with a whisk that is even better!


Infused Oils;

*For more information about how to make infused oils check out my post Making Infused Oils.


Melt all ingredients except for Zinc Oxide in a used tin can set in 2” of water (double boiler) over medium/low heat, stirring regularly to help melt.

Once melted, remove from heat and add essential Oils, stir to combine
Now, with whisk ready, slowly add the Zinc Oxide Powder, whisking vigorously to combine.  Once all the Zinc is added and combined with the oil, pour the mixture into containers.  Allow a few hours to set before use.
Sunscreen is 20 SPF.  Keep in mind that this sunscreen is NOT sweat proof and should be re-applied regularly.
This recipe fills 3 2oz containers.