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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost here!

It’s may, spring is in the air, plants are blooming and Mother’s day is right around the corner…oh wait Mother’s day is almost here!  It seems like this happens to me way to often; I have all these fabulous ideas for Mom and before I’ve had the chance to begin any of them, it’s too late, Mother’s day has arrived.

Luckily, this year I found myself having a bit more free time then normal, and there is nothing Mom’s like more then stuff you made, just for her!  Following are 5 fabulous DIY, all natural (of course), gift idea’s for Mom (and a bonus step by step DIY gift bag idea) that anyone could whip up in a day!!

There is nothing Mom’s like more then stuff you made…

  1. IMG_3098DIY Air Fresheners are quick and simple to make and best of all can double as carpet deodorizer!  All you’ll need is 1/2 cup of All Natural Baking Soda and a few drops of your Mom’s favorite essentials oils.  My favorite is 5 drops Tea Tree, 5 drops Lavender, 5 drops Rose Absolute & 5 drops Vanilla, I often add a drop or two of Lemon as well.  Click on any of the links to purchase these essential oils from amazon, or find them at your local health food store.  Just blend the baking soda and essential oils in a blender or food processor, once completely blended our into a small mason jar, you can either punch holes in the lid, buy a pre-cut lid or get fancy with fabrics!
  2. IMG_3243DIY all natural scouring powder – similar to the air freshener (actually you could use the air freshener and scouring powder interchangeably!) you can create scouring powder using your Mom’s favorite scents!  Combine All Natural Baking Soda with dried herbs, blend and voila!  I love my Rose Mint Scouring powder, I make this from dried rose petals and mint leaves (both from my backyard, thus I know they are organic!)
  3. lotion_bar_heartsHeart Shaped Moisturizing Lotion Bars – Lotion bars are easy to make and the ingredients are easy to come by.  Mom will love using these, especially during the spring time when most people are spending more time outdoors!  Read my post on how to make lotion bars, you can always change/add Mom’s favorite essential oils, to tailor make them just for her!
  4. infused_oilsInfused oils are always a hit with Mom, whether she prefers to use them for cooking or skin care, creating an infused oil with your Mom’s favorite scent is sure to be a hit!  Now, your probably thinking…ok, great, but those take weeks to make…truth is, there is the slow way and the fast way.  The fast way can render infused oil within a few hours.  Check out my post on making infused oils to learn the fast way on how to make them and get some great scent ideas.
  5. whipped mint body butterBody butter makes an excellent gift, for anyone, especially the DIY all natural whipped variety!  The ingredients are simple and can be purchased from your local health food store, additionally you can add any variety of essential oils to make a customized butter just for your Mom!  Read my post on making Whipped Minted Body Butter, like I said feel free to add your Mom’s favorite essential oils and or infused oils!

Last, but not least…the packaging!  Rather then headed out to your local Walmart and purchasing a gift bag, why not exercise your Eco-friendly side and recycle/reuse some of those paper grocery bags!  It is easy and fun to make gift bags…you can custom decorate the gift bag, just for your Mom, trust me…She’ll Love it!

You will need.

1 large paper grocery bag

Glue – either non-toxic natural glue or DIY glue.

Tape, packing tape works best!

small box to use as a mold

and Ribbon

Step 1 – Cut the grocery bag at the seem then cut around the seem at the bottom to remove the thicker bottom portion of the bag.

Step 2 – Fold over and glue down the cut edges to create straight lines.

Step 3 – Using your box mold, form the cut paper around the mold, as if you planned to gift wrap it, only leave the top open.  Using a butter knife create the corners from your gift bag for folder.


Step 4 – Fold the bottom like you would a gift and glue down the ends.  You can glue the sides as well for extra support, take care not to get any glue on the mold itself…otherwise you may not get you mold back out without damaging your gift bag!

Step 5 – Once the bottom is secure, remove the mold from your newly formed back, starting with the top of the one side, pinch one corner of the seam (you formed with the edge of your mold and the butter knife) then pinch the other end and bring together, like you’re folding a sheet.  Making sure that the new seam formed is exactly in the center of the 2 outer seams, pinch the newly formed center seam between two finger and fold down to about 1/4 of the way from the bottom of the bag.  This forms the gift bags collapse-ability. Repeat this step on the other side.


Step 6 – Now that all 3 seams on each side of the bag are formed, collapse the folds, making sure the center seam on both sides folds to the inside of the bag, from the top to the end point of the side seams.  At this point, the bag will automatically begin to form a seam along the top allowing the bottom of the bag to fold over.  Add strength to this seam, using the blunt edge of the butter knife or your finger, making sure the seam is straight, then fold the bags bottom flat, completing a fulling functional gift bag!

Step 7 – Now for the handles, punch holes in the top using an office hole punch and by holding the top of the bag together.  Space your holes about 1/4 of the way from the edge of the bag on either side.


Step 8 – Cut 2 pieces of  ribbon about 1.5 times the length of the top of your gift bag.  Now the hard part…at least for me…roll 1/2 inch of each end of your pieces of ribbon, wrap the ends in tape to secure them, allowing the tape to overflow the ribbon by 1/4 to 1/2 inch.  Trim the tape ends away from the ribbon by cutting them about 1/8 inch into the ribbon itself.

Step 9 – String the ribbon through the holes to form handles.  Secure them by tying the ends together on each side, or by taping/gluing the ends to the bag.  If you are more talented with tine round ends then I am, you can cut a slice in part of the tape end so that it will form a “T” at the end the ribbon and secure the end like an anchor.

Step 10 – Decorate your Mom’s gift bag!