Lavender spray

Lavender Aromatic Spray

Living a small home with 2 dogs and a cat, in a warm humid environment I often feel the need to use deodorizing sprays to eliminate household odors.  The majority of odor eliminating sprays are are filled with harmful chemicals, both for the environment, pets and humans!  Thankfully natural and environmentally friendly aromatic sprays are simple and easy to make!

Lavender is an excellent choice as a scent.

It offers a relaxing pleasing smell without overpowering the senses.  And as a bonus it is a natural deterrent for fleas and nits.


2 oz Lavender infused water
2 oz Lavender infused vodka
1/2 tsp Vegetable glycerin

10 drops Lavender essential oil


A double boiler or glass bowl/large jar and a pot with about 2″ of water
Stir Stick
1 4 oz glass bottle with spritzer


Infused vodka;

Yes, vodka!  There are several brands of organic vodka available for purchase online depending on the state you live in.  Rain Organic Vodka is an inexpensive organic vodka and can be purchased from from Internet Wines or Wine Delight.

Vodka provides a preservative a deodorizer and antiseptic all in one.

Infused vodka, much like infused oils, is a matter of combining the herb, in this case lavender, with vodka.  Storing in a cool dark place and waiting!  Unlike infused oils, heating is not really an option, as the flash point for alcohol is quite low.  I make my infused vodka by placing about 2 table spoons of Lavender in an 8 oz mason jar, filling it with vodka, storing it is my pantry and waiting about 6 weeks.  I then filter out the lavender, using either coffee filters or cheese clothe and it is ready to use.

Infused water;

This is essentially herbal tea!  Place a table spoon of Lavender in a small mug or glass jar and pour several ounces of boiling water over it.  Cover and allow to cool to room temperature.  Filter out the lavender with either cheese clothe or a coffee filter and it is ready to use.


Alcohol has a very low flash point

In an 8 oz glass jar measure 2 oz of lavender infused vodka with 2 oz lavender infused water, add the vegetable glycerin and place in a pot with about 2 inches of water.  Heat over low (very important as alcohol has a very low flash point) heat for about 10 minutes.  Be careful not to allow the water or or the solution to simmer or boil.  After 10 minutes, remove the jar from the pot and add in the lavender essential oil. Stir vigorously for several minutes, than pour the mixture into the 4 oz bottle, I use a funnel of this part.  Place the spritzer cap on the bottle and done!

Makes 1, 4 oz bottle.