Lavender rose Valentine’s Day bath bombs

Bath bombs are little bundles of fizzy fun.  Often referred to as bath fizzies, bath bombs are an excellent alternative to the traditional bubble bath and when made with quality organic ingredients, they are sure to offer much more then just a relaxing soak in the tub!  They are a perfect Valentine’s day treat.

Here is a fun fact;

Bath Bombs were actually invented by an organic cosmetics store

We can all thank the cosmetics company, LUSH, for the joy of fizzy bath tubs soaks!


4.2 oz Citric acid – the organic non-GMO type!
4.2 oz Bath Salts
8 oz baking soda
4.2 oz arrow root powder
4 oz melted Mango Butter
1 oz Alkanet root infused olive oil (for color, optional)
2 tsp Hibiscus Powder (also for color, optional)
1/8 tsp Tea Tree oil
1/8 tsp Ginger essential oil
1 tsp Rose absolute essential oil
1/2 tsp Lavender essential oil
1 tbsp Dried Lavender
1 tbsp Dried Rose Petals


Equipment for making bath bombsDigital Scale
2 quart Glass mixing bowl
Latex gloves, or other type of clean protective glove
Spray bottle with water
Molds, Heart shaped silicone baking mold is what I used.


Infused Oils;

Alkanet root infused olive oil is used for the light pink color, in a heat proof jar add about 1 tbs alkanet root powder to every 4 oz of oil.  Simply add the alkanet root powder and pour the desired amount of oil over it.  Alkanet root infused oil is a good candidate for the heat infusion process, check out my post Making Infused Oils for more instructions.


Melting mago butterIn a heat proof jar, add the 4 oz of mango butter (you can use different types of butter or oils for this part, coconut oil also works great), set the jar into a medium sauce pan with about 2″ of water and heat over low to medium heat.  Stirring consistently will make the mango butter melt quicker.

While the oil is melting;

In the 2 quart glass bowl add your dry ingredients and whisk together until smooth.  If the bath salts are not fine, you can put them in a blender until they are finely ground. If you have not already added your dried flowers, do so now and whisk them into the other ingredients until well blended.

Form a crater in the center of the bowl all the way to the bottom.  This is where you will pour the oil.

Dry bath bomb ingredients whiskedBath bomb dry ingredient ready for liquid to be addedLiquid properly added to dry bath bomb ingredients


Your mango butter should be fully melted by now, remove it from the heat, if you have not done so already and carefully add your other oils, the alkanet root infused olive oil, and the essential oils, stirring between.  Put on your gloves and slowly pour the oils into the crater you formed in the bowl.  This way you can avoid any fizzing.  If it starts to fizz, pour slower!

Mixed bath bombs ingredientsOnce the oils are added, it’s time to mix.  Using your gloved hands, knead the oil into the dry ingredients slowly until you have a consistent crumbly mixture similar to shortbread crust.  If the mixture needs more moisture add some spritzers from your spray bottle of water, as needed.


Lavender rose newly formed bath bombsAdd the mixture to the molds one at a time pressing them firmly into each mold.  Add more until each mold is firm and full.  Add a few more spritzers form the spray bottle at this point, so that they do not dry out too quickly.

heart shaped bath bombs wrapped in wax paperLeave overnight to allow them to set, once sent you can easily pop them out the silicone molds and place on a baking sheet.  They are now ready to use!  Drop one into some water to see it working! I wrapped mine in wax paper and handed them out the women at my office.