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Making Infused Oils

Making infused oils is a great way to add extra flavor and aroma to both cooking and moisturizing oils, and it is easy!  All you need is a good quality organic oil to use as your base, dried plants, herbs or fruit to add and time!  The important thing to remember when selecting the material to use for infusing is that it is completely dry (no moisture content), otherwise you risk bacteria forming in your product.

Always use organic and thoroughly cleaned material for creating infused oils.

I generally choose organic and sulfur free freeze dried fruit for infusing fruits with oil.  Herbs are also easily open air dried.  Citrus is slightly easier as both the aroma and the flavor comes from zest which is made form the rind…drying citrus rind is start forward and uncomplicated.  You can choose to either open air dry or use a dehydrator for a faster result.  You can use the pulp as well once it has been completely dried.

To use the pulp I generally grind it into a powder once it has been thoroughly dried.


Fresh organic base oil with a light flavor and scent such as Olive, Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel or Sunflower oil.  Olive oil is excellent for both food and skin care products!  Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel and Sunflower are best for skin care products.

dried_lime_peelsOrganic, thoroughly washed and dried, plant mater for infusing.  You can purchase material fresh for your local health food store or using right out of your garden or flower bed.


Large mason or other glass jar with a lid.


mason_jar_infused_oilFill the jar about 2 inches with your base oil, then add about hand crushed or powdered solid (your plant material) to the oil.  Repeat this process until your jar is about 3/4 of the way full.  The usual ratio I follow is 1/3 solid to 2/3 oil.

Place the lid on your jar and move the oil around until all the solid material is completely covered with oil.

Put your jar in a dark place (the back of your pantry is best) for about 4 weeks.  Do not wait longer then 6 weeks.

Drain the solid material from the oil,  and voila!  Infused oil.  I usually double filter any product that will be used for consumption.