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Moisturizing lotion bars

I had some wonderful DIY ideas for a Valentine’s Day post…but time crept up on me and before I knew it, it was February 13th and I hadn’t prepared anything!  Forced to scrap, or at least table, my time consuming ideas

I settled on something a bit quicker, DIY lotion bars.

Lotion bars are great, they make great gifts for all kinds of people…men and women, young and old…in fact I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that doesn’t like to have softer skin!  Plus the use of all natural and organic ingredients make them safe for people with sensitive skin.  You can even substitute ingredients to tailor your lotion bars for anyone with allergies!


1 Part Coconut Oil
1 Part Butter, either Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter or a combination
1/2 Part Bees Wax Petals
1 TSP Vitamin E oil
1 TSP Jojoba Oil
1 TSP Meadowfoam Seed Oil – Optional, helps soak into the skin faster
Optional: 20-30 Drops your favorite Essential Oils
Optional: Zinc Oxide (for a natural sunscreen or diaper rash bar)
Optional: Arrow Root Powder for Smoothness, recommened

Note: using 4OZ Coconut Oil, 4OZ Butter and 2OZ Beeswax will make about 8 cookie sized bars.


A double boiler or glass bowl/large jar and a pot with about 2″ of water
Non-Metallic stir stick – I use wood chop sticks
Molds, you can use all kinds of things for molds.  I prefer Silicone baking molds, like the one here.


Gather coconut oil, butter and bees wax over medium-low heat stirring consistently, this will help the bees wax to melt quicker.  Once everything is melted, turn off the heat but DO NOT remove from the burner.  Add in the Vitamin E oil, jojoba and meadowseed foam oils and stir together.

Remove the glass bowl/jar from the water and stir in any essential oils you want to add, I used 20 drops lavender essential oil,  60 drops rose absolute essential oil, 40 drops vanilla infused sunflower oil, 15 drops lemon essential oil.

Now add your powders and stir rapidly until completely combined.  Note: if you are adding Zinc Oxide, be sure to use a jar/bowl that you are willing to throw out…Zinc Oxide is NOT easy to clean up!

Pour into your molds and allow to cool…usually about 30-40 minutes depending on your homes room temperature.  Once completely cooled your lotion bars will easily pop out of their molds.

That’s it, Enjoy!!