Rose Scented Body Butter

Rose Whipped Body Butter

Perhaps it is the silky smooth texture of the petals or the naturally pleasing scent of the flower that makes the rose an iconic symbol of beauty.  Or maybe it is the Rose’s anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties that give it so many health and beauty benefits. 

I have a confession;

To me, body butter, in the past, was synonymous with oily product that rubs off on clothes rather than soaking into skin.  So, I didn’t use it and certainly never purchased it.

All body butters are NOT created Equal!

Body butter made with all natural, organic ingredients has made me a convert!  Rose essential oil is full of antioxidants, which help protect skin cells and lock in moisture, while it’s natural astringent properties naturally tones your skin.  Thus leaving it nourished and moisturized, rather than parched with an oily film across the top.  The benefits of coconut oil are endless, rich in fatty acids, with an abundance of vitamin E, and a natural exfoliating texture, combined with shea butter and other rich moisturizing oils, this body butter hydrates skin leaving it soft and glowing.


1/4 cup Shea butter
1/4 cup Mango butter
1/4 cup Rose infused coconut oil
1/4 cup rose infused olive oil

1 tsp Arrowroot powder
10-15 drops Rose absolute essential oil


A double boiler or glass bowl/large jar and a pot with about 2″ of water
A hand mixer and bowl or stand mixer (with whisk) capable of whipping speed
2 small jars for the infused oils
Glass jars for storage – Recipe fills about 2, 4oz containers


Rose infused Oils;

The method for infusing oil, whether olive oil or coconut oil is the same.  Using dried rose petals and combining them with oil, the infusion process simply takes time.  However, heat can be used to speed the process up.  See my post about making infused oil for more information.

Just be sure to strain out the rose petals with cheese clothe before adding to your body butter mixture.


Stand MixerFor making body butters I have found it useful to use the same bowl for mixing and for melting.  It is best to use a stand mixer, like the one pictured to the left.  In the mixing bowl of the stand mixer add the shea butter, mango butter, rose infused coconut oil and rose infused olive oil.  Set the bowl into a pot containing about 2″ of water.  The bowl does not need to touch the bottom of the pot.  Heat over medium/low heat, stirring regularly, until all oils and butters are melted.

Remove the bowl from the pot and turn off the heat.  Allow the oil mixture to sit for about 5 minutes before adding the essential oil.  Add the rose absolute essential oil a few drops at a time, mixing with a wooden spoon between drops. Allow the mixture to cool to about room temperature, than cover and place in the refrigerator until the mixture has almost returned to a solid state, it should be somewhat soft, but no longer a liquid.   This usually takes about 1 hour, however depending on the type of bowl, glass or stainless steel, you may find that you need to keep the mixture in the refrigerator longer.   To help the process, stir the mixture thoroughly once the sides begin to solidify.  This will speed up the rest of the mixture to cool quicker.

Remove from the refrigerator and place the bowl on the stand mixer, whip for a full 15 minutes.  At minute 5 add the arrowroot powder.  At minute 10 stop the mixer and clean the sides of the bowl with a spatula, wipe any oil/arrowroot powder on the spatula on the whisk and then continue whipping for an additional 5 minutes.

Now comes the tricky part, you must quickly scoop the whipped body butter in it’s containers, cover and set in the refrigerator over night, or at least a few hours.  This sets the body butter and aids in keeping it from melting or separating.  After this you can store it in a cool dark place, but it is no longer necessary to keep in the refrigerator.  Note, it will still melt if left in out in temperatures greater then 80° F.  The body butter should be usable for about 9 months depending on the age/quality of oils you used.